We’re old enough and wise enough to know that’s true - we don't only need love, we need love +

  • Shared values
  • Shared goals
  • Shared dreams
  • Communication

We need to be on the same financial page. This new course gets you there. 

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A 6 week, fun (really!) live interactive course based on professional experience and research to help your financial life together be a Smashing Success!

Each week features a live video lesson around the topic of the week )see below) lead by a professional with a focus on couples. After the lesson, you'll have discussion questions for the just two of you - discussions best had with a bottle of wine or bowl of ice cream - or both. 

At the conclusion of the course you'll know a ton you didn't know and will have created the pathways for open communication around delicate subjects and discovered and articulated your shared values for your lifetime together. #bigwin

Laying a Strong Foundation

  1. Discovering and appreciating your individual strengths in all areas of life
  2. Discovering and appreciating your strengths as a couple
  3. Your personal stories and history around money

Activity Sneak Peak: Game from the behavior analyst using your favorite television show or movie characters.

Put Financial Communication Skills Into Place

  1. Clarify your shared values regarding money, family, and the future
  2. Learn how to acknowledge each other with love and courage
  3. Learn how to use financial discussions to further trust

Activity Sneak Peak: A field trip to a local venue involving role play and your most dominant parent.

What Is

  1. Discover the current financial state
  2. Analyze your individual and joint investment strategies
  3. Evaluate what is working and what you’d like to modify

Activity Sneak Peak: A board game, $1 and the Championship of the World

What Will Be

  1. Using where you are as a springboard for what you want
  2. Examine the ramifications of different paths
  3. Plan for the future with an eye toward shared goals, values and dreams.

Activity Sneak Peak: A vision board with a twist, a weird, creative, just-the-two-of-you twist.

What If

  1. Plan for death or disability
  2. Consider all those in your lives you wish to provide for
  3. Decide what estate planning documents you need

Activity Sneak Peak: A video letter from before the grave.

The Cohesive Plan

  1. Hatch a creative plan pulling together all the elements you have learning and come to an agreement on over the last 6 weeks
  2. Decide what prenup or postnup agreements you need or want
  3. Develop a method of checking in with each other and updating your discussions during your marriage

Activity Sneak Peak: You're almost done, it's time to celebrate - there's a treasure hunt involved.


Your Teacher & Facilitator

As a twenty-year attorney, Emily Chase Smith has seen firsthand how the breakdown in interpersonal relationships can lead to ludicrous legal actions and results. Cracks in the foundation happen long before attorneys are called in to resolve issues and she’s devoted her practice to prevention and even strengthening of relationships, particularly through prenups and postnups.

Emily is the author of Amazon #1 Best Seller The Beginner’s Guide to Purposeful Prenups and The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur; Navigate the Money Maze of Running a Business. She is in a committed relationship, lives in Southern California with her three children, dog, and a garage so full of beach cruisers and paddleboards she has to park outside.

Your BONUS Professionals

I've invited the professionals in my world that really get it to join our discussions and lend their wisdom. You'll be learning from:

  • A Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Top Level Financial Advisor
  • Licensed Therapist
  • An Estate Planning Attorney
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Come Join Us!

The cost is $1,497 per couple and the start date is January 8.

The Course Structure

Love + is a 6 week course. The live (and recorded and archived) video calls are held  Tuesday at 6 pm Pacific. Each week features discussion questions to help you playfully navigate delicate topics. You will have email support during the course from Emily Chase Smith and can ask questions of the other bonus professionals as well.

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Who should join this course?  Committed, engaged or newly married couples who know that getting finances right dramatically increases the satisfaction in their marriage, decreases arguments and resentment and increases the likelihood that they will achieve their shared goals.

What are the start and end dates? Love + runs from January 8 for 6 weeks.

When will the Love + be offered again? It is tentatively scheduled to be held again in March 2018

Where can I email questions? You can send an email to emily [at] kissingcontracts.com.


Come Join Us!

The cost is $1,497 per couple and the start date is January 8.

Have questions? Send an email to emily [at] kissingcontracts.com