You don't have to do it alone. Two-on-one coaching (two of you, one of me) to help guide you through the tough conversation and come to a meeting of the minds about dreams, visions, and goals.


Kissing Contracts started from the practice of law - and seeing it done wrong - or at least incompletely.  Our firm will represent you in drafting and revising your prenup in a collaborative, non-adversarial manner.


A course for couples with a specific outcome - have prenups conversations in a way that strengthens your relationship and helps you define your shared goals, value and dreams. By a prenup attorney, the course includes the rest of the prenups dream team - therapist, financial planner, CPA and estate planning attorney.


Is your group ready to hear how to have tough financial conversations in a way that strengthens your relationship  in a fun and interactive way? Invite Emily Chase Smith to speak.


It's all there for you in black and white. Prenups forms for your DIY prenup or to know exactly what a professional prenup covers, guiding your conversations.