Mission - To strengthen relationships through strong financial partnerships.
Vision - To provide partners the mindset, tools, resources and community to communicate in a healthy and constructive manner, come to an agreement and live it.
Goal - To move prenups from taboo to a tool

I’ve been practicing law for twenty years.

Twenty years of helping individuals, businesses, and families with everything from passing on their estate, climbing out of severe financial distress, to evicting problematic tenants from mobile homes.

Helping women have successful prenup conversations came about because of a giant change in my personal life. After a 20-year marriage and three kiddos, I was divorced. I found that dating and relationships presented very different challenges than when I did it the first time in my 20s. His and my kiddos with those attendant responsibilities, extended families, businesses those were just a few things on my radar that weren’t those very many years ago. I began to see the world very differently, my perspective morphed as did my desire to help women like me.

Enter the law as a solution at the intersection of intersection of family law, estate planning, tax, real estate and business stands prenups. Where difficult conversations begin and move forward. Where creativity is required. Where solutions are sought and found.

For some lawyers, the law is an intellectual exercise, for others it’s an ideology, to me the law is a problem solver—practical and pragmatic. It takes you from A to B. It’s the vehicle that allows you accomplish your dreams, hopes, and aspirations.  Sometimes it does that quite naturally and fluidly, other times it’s a jolting ride, but it should always begin with the end in mind. What is the goal? Why? How do we get there?

Long ago as an undergrad casting about for major, my father told me to find something tangible, something you can point to and say, “I did that.” He’s an architect so he points to schools, shopping malls, churches, and houses. I point point to successful prenups and strengthened relationships and say, “I helped do that.”

Professional Stats:

Licensed in California
Licensed in the Ninth Circuit
Member of Purposeful Planning Institute
Member of Association for Corporate Growth
Member of National Association of Women Business Owners
Member of Orange County Bar Association Family Law Section
Member of Orange County Bar Association Estate Planning Section

Personal Stats:

Single mother of three
Dog person
Voracious reader
Happiest in, on, or near the ocean


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