The only ship that won't float is a partnership. Bull honkey.

Partnerships, business and personal, are the stuff of life. Do them right and your power multiplies. Do them wrong...well, don't do them wrong - do them right. I'll help.


Emily Chase Smith, Founder of Kissing Contracts

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Partnership Agreements for Couples

What if:

  • We're engaged and my partner pays rent to live in a house I own. Whose house is it? Can we decide one way or the other?
  • We've lived together for more than 10 years. Are we married? Do we have obligations to each other?
  • We're married but don't have joint accounts. Do we need them?
  • I have a business/an inheritance/investments, are they mine or ours if we're married?
  • Is my business mine and his business his if we're married? What if we want to keep them separate?
  • My partner's on the cusp of a big deal. How should we plan for it?
  • We bought a house together. How should we hold title? Who should pay for what?
  • Can my partner get a credit card without my knowledge? Am I liable for it?

Married, engaged, living together. Money, kids, life. You get to decide. Find out how.

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Partnership Agreements for Business Partners

What if:

  • She has the idea and I have the money. How can we make our informal agreement effective?
  • What if one of us gets divorced, can her spouse gain an interest in the business?
  • What if one of us wants to move on?
  • Can one of our individual creditors reach into the business?
  • Who makes the decisions?
  • How do we keep up our entity?
  • What if someone, heaven forbid, dies?
  • If one of us is going to do the work and the other is more passive, how do the expenses and profits work?
  • How do we equal out the initial investment over time?

Plan it once and get down to business - literally. Find out how.

All these questions are answerable, and better yet, you can determine the outcome yourselves!



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