A prenup done right is freedom. It is shared values, goals and dreams...

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Postnups are articulating the same shared values, goals, and dreams inside a marriage...

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Cohabitation Agreements

Cohabitation agreements are shared values, goals, and dreams inside a loving live-in relationship...

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We can do this much, much better

In a classic “Seinfeld” scene, George has cold feet after getting engaged. He flies into a panic and asks the group how to get out of the wedding.

“You really want to get out of this thing?” asked Kramer. “I got two words for you: ‘pre . . . nup’.”

Elaine chimes in: “I wouldn’t sign one.”

Is there any other agreement whose mere mention threatens to tank the relationship that is the reason for the agreement in the first place? I can’t think of one.

But it' not the people or agreement, it's the process. The process turns lovers into adversaries, each armed with their own lawyer. Yikes.

We can do this better, much, much better.

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The Process

The key to a kissing contract that strengthens rather than harms a relationship is in the process, one that puts the relationship at the center and lets the legal process support it.